restaurant numéro 7 is a professional restaurant space and dining room in the heart of the fès medina: the cradle of moroccan gastronomy. chefs-on-sabbatical are invited to use the space as a stage for their work with the aim of creating a gallery of food experiences.

residencies are for a period of between one and four months during which time chefs get to interact with local farmers and producers, and interpret moroccan cuisine through their own culinary philosophy.

the medina is filled with local markets offering a cornucopia of seasonal flavours. from tiny, thin-skinned dduk lemons to sumptuous white mulberries, wild thistle hearts and salted, pickled plums, bunches of sage, mint and coriander, live Beldi chickens and camel meat, it is a feast for senses on every level.

the goal of chefs in residence at restaurant numéro 7 is to encourage a cross-culinary exchange between international chefs and local producers and cooks, ultimately resulting in new food experiences based on local, seasonal and sustainable principles.